Aug 6, 2021

1 min read

Trade Pharma Network (TPN) is excited to formally announce our partnership with Nimbus-T Global.

TPN is a modern tech-based platform and a true revolution in e-commerce lined with a fast-growing network entirely dedicated to the life sciences & healthcare industry.

Nimbus-T Global is a healthcare information services company focused on mobile health, cybersecurity, telehealth, system architecture & high end internet platform development with a high expertise in HL7 communication between platforms and integration.

As cybersecurity is a very important focus for us, TPN & Nimbus-T Global will be working together to assist our life sciences & healthcare customers in developing and enhancing their systems & networks to prevent fraud, malware, and ransomware ensuring the highest levels of HITRUST / HITECH applied science across the Healthcare spectrum. Indeed, Nimbus-Key System is patented and provides a new level of security for authentication onto your enterprise.