In this article, I’ve gathered some thoughts on what I personally think makes up a great professional work experience and what motivates me to vote yes for a Life Science & Healthcare professionals to receive one of our Token of Distinction & Honorary Awards. In a way, it’s gamifying our job and turning it into a friendly competition. Fun!

Dear participants of the bounty campaign,

We would like to inform you that the distribution of the bounty program tokens (mid-end of 2018 campaign) will start next week. The bounty allocation is 3.428.571 TXPs ($240K) regardless to the forefront bounty management fees (15% of the bounty pools).

It is important to mention that the token distribution will not be the same for every participant that has been selected (a total of 1404 participants), and the bounty manager will provide you with the corresponding spreadsheet so you can check the exact number of stakes / tokens you have earned and then…

Blockchain technology has been seen making headlines over the past decade, and its implementation has been controversial in many sectors. On paper, blockchain brings a lot of benefits to security-oriented uses. However, unlike some sectors where a mistake may not come with a high cost, there is no margin for error when it comes to implementation within the pharma & healthcare industry and that is the main reason experts are still reluctant to implement it.

The Trade Pharma Foundation & its philanthropic branch The Trade Pharma Impact Fund (The TP-Impact Fund) is excited to formally announce their collaboration with Skimmy-Tech Digital Capital (STDC), a registered investment advisor with a focus on crypto assets.

The TP-Impact Fund oversees the complete administrative grant-making process for individuals, family offices, and corporations. It develops sustainable financial resources to fulfill its mission, and to ensure the continuity of charitable organizations supported by our donors. …

Trade Pharma Network (TPN), the new Blockchain-based marketplace for buyers & sellers performing routine transactions of medicines amongst other pharma-centric services & its non-profit arm The Trade Pharma Foundation (TPF), are excited to formally announce their strategic partnership with Blockchain Association of Africa (BAA), the new South African non-profit that promotes & facilitates, engagement & collaboration with governments and policymakers on the African continent and beyond.

Our Trade Pharma journey started nearly a year ago. You will have noticed that the Trade Pharma model has changed since the original launch.

Behind the scenes we have been working incredibly hard to explore funding directions that allow broader participation, including the possibility of running an ICO. The challenge, of course, is that the regulatory environment has become more difficult after the fundraising frenzy of 2017, with many of those raising funds via ICOs recently receiving subpoenas. This means that missteps can have serious consequences.

Routing to the same destination through a different path

Trade Pharma Network project aims to deliver pharma-centric services to pharmaceutical industry and healthcare…

Trade Pharma Network, the new pharma-centric marketplace & Blockchain-based platform (ZEFIR™️) dedicated to pharmaceutrical trade, is excited to formally announce our partnership with Origin Protocol, provider of open-source blockchain protocols to help power products and services within the sharing economy, to develop a seamless decentralized risk sharing service.

Origin Protocol strives to harness the power of the Ethereum Blockchain, with their core focus being the creation of a platform that enables distributed sharing economy DApps leveraging their open-source technology.

Trade Pharma Network & Origin Protocol will be working together to ensure a safe trade of medicines at b2b basis and to reduce the negative effects stemming from instances of fraud, often a core concern of the sharing economy.

The last few weeks, we have received many requests for buying TXP tokens. Thanks a lot for your interest and trust. Please be advised however that we are currently still deciding on our timeline regarding the upcoming private sale.

At present, our team is mainly focusing on the legal aspects of this ICO/STO as well as on building our technology/platform. So stay tuned via this announcements channel and if you have any questions, please let us know !

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —…

Dear Trade Pharma Community Members,

Answer our mini-quiz below & earn free Ethereum. For that, please print this questionnaire, check the appropriate answer(s), scan it & send it to before next 9th November, 2018.

Pour ce qui est du volet GESTION DE LA CHAÎNE D’APPROVISIONNEMENT du projet TradePharma.Network, le concept de de base, est relativement simple et consiste à incorporer et combiner notre technologie au sein des modèles / systèmes déjà en place chez nos futures clients. Un progiciel de gestion de type SAP, est l’exemple le plus illustratif.

Trade Pharma Network™

Pour ce faire, nous utiliserons les 3 technologies suivantes:


Les experts prédisent que le marché global de la Blockchain atteindra 339.5 milliard de dollars à l’horizon 2021 et que le secteur de l’industrie pharmaceutique sera en quelque sorte la locomotive de cette forte croissance.



Marketplace for buyers & sellers performing routine transactions of medicines offering a full suite of Pharma-centric services.

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